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MATI Annual Business Meeting Recap & Election Results

08/06/2015 11:00 AM | Anonymous

MATI Annual Business Meeting Recap & Election Results

MATI directors and members gathered on Saturday, July 25 for the Annual Business meeting at the Bayshore Bar Louie in Milwaukee. MATI President Christina Green started off the meeting by swearing in two new board members: Vice President Joseph Wojowski and Director Tyann Zehms. Amy Polenske and Katarzyna Jankowski were re-elected to MATI’s Executive Committee as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively, and Sasha F Carrillo and Meghan McCallum were re-elected to MATI’s Board. Annual reports were then presented, including the Financial Report, prepared by Treasurer Jankowski, the Webinar Series and Membership Reports, presented by Susan Schweigert, the Communications Report, delivered by Alaina Brantner, and the Programs Report, presented by President Green. As MATI’s board continues to incorporate new programs and features that benefit and are of interest to our growing membership, all committees are seeking volunteers to support in the delivery of new and ongoing services. Please see visit the page Committees and Chairs for a description of MATI’s Committees and the responsibilities and tasks that fall under the purview of each.


President Green closed the meeting expressing pleasure and optimism at the successes and overall trajectory of the organization, thanking all members for their support and contributions, and inviting any members who’d like to get involved to reach out for more information. Please contact us at for more information or to volunteer.

MATI’s 2015-2016 Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Christina Green (WI), President, 2014-2016*

Joseph Wojowski (IL), Vice President, 2015-2017

Amy Polenske (WI), Secretary, 2015-2017*

Katarzyna Jankowski (IL), Treasurer, 2015-2017*

Board of Directors

Alaina Brantner (WI), 2014-2016*

Sasha F Carrillo (IL), 2015-2017*

Meghan McCallum (WI), 2015-2017*

Susan Schweigert (IL), 2014-2016*

Tyann Zehms (WI), 2015-2017

*Denotes second consecutive term. Per Article 5, Section 5.2 of MATI’s bylaws, “Officers may be re-elected and serve for a maximum of two consecutive terms, but may run for office again after a full two-year term out of office.” MATI’s Bylaws can be found on our website here. For a complete list of all present and past directors of MATI’s Board, please visit Board of Directors.


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