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Webinar: Translating for the Pharmaceutical Industry: Resources & Translation Strategies for New Translators

  • 08/15/2013
  • 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
  • ATA Webinar

ATA Webinar Series

Translating for the Pharmaceutical Industry:
Resources and Translation Strategies for New Translators


Language:   Presented in English
Presenter:   Carmen Cross
Date:    August 15, 2013
Time:   12 Noon US Eastern Daylight Time
Duration:   60 minutes
CE Point(s):    1

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This webinar will provide translators with a solid foundation for translating medical documentation relating to clinical trials. This includes international standards, regulatory bodies, an introduction to the clinical trial pipeline and the various types of clinical trial documents. The presenter will also discuss the common issues, both linguistic and stylistic, that may arise when translating each type of text, as well as relevant terminology that is often confused, such as "efficacy vs. efficiency" and "patient vs. subject." Various strategies that translators at any stage in their careers can use to improve their consistency and accuracy when translating such documents will also be presented.

Four points attendees will take away:

  • The 4 stages of drug development
  • The target audience for different types of pharmaceutical documentation (e.g. informed consent form, Summary of Product Characteristics, etc.)
  • What a CRO (Contract Research Organization) is and its importance for translators.
  • What a back translation is and why they are typically performed.

About the Presenter

Carmen Cross has been a professional German/Arabic into English legal and medical translator since 2005. She is also a member of several professional organizations, including the American Translators Association, the American Association of Teachers of Arabic and the National Genealogical Society.

In addition to her translation activities, Carmen also gives webinars on topics of interest to medical translators and is a regular contributor to Caduceus, the newsletter of the Medical Division of the American Translators Association.

Carmen is an avid genealogist and enjoys researching her German family from eastern Pennsylvania in her spare time.

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