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Copyright and Translation: What Every Translator Needs to Know; Presented by Suzanne Deliscar

  • 05/16/2013
  • 4:00 PM
  • Webinar

One of the oft-talked about legal issues currently facing translators iswho owns copyright in the translation work product. For the most part, there have been many questions, and relatively few answers.

This webinar will cover but is not limited to the following topics:

  • Are clients at liberty to change a translators’ work without their consent, since the translator has been paid for their work?
  • Where do translators stand, e.g.  if a translator delivers a grammatically correct piece of work and when it appears in print or on the web, it has been altered in a way that the translator would not have approved of?
  • Should a translator ask for a final proof-read and sign off? Should translators insist on a contract whereby that happens? Is it really worth it to do all the above?
  • What is the relationship between agencies / direct clients regarding ownership / copyright to translations? What is the difference between ownership and copyright?
  • Can translators withhold copyright / ownership rights if an agency doesn't pay?
Trainer: The course will be delivered by Suzanne Deliscar. SuzanneSuzanneDeliscarDeliscar is a Canadian lawyer-linguist who translates in the French-English and Spanish-English language pairs. She focuses on legal and official document translation, as well as contract abstraction and e-discovery in Spanish and French. She is also the developer and presenter of over 20 webinar programs for translators and interpreters, focusing on legal translation, official document translation, and marketing. Ms. Deliscar specializes in providing legal and language services in English, Spanish and French.

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