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MATI 2020 Webinar Series - 'Reduced Nerve Conduction Velocity': Decoding Lead Exposure Language for Interpreters

  • 11/18/2020
  • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM


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Lead exposure remains a large public health issue despite policies and protocols to reduce this environmental contaminant. Children and families affected by lead exposure are more likely to be from low-income families and from racial, ethnic, and linguistic minority groups. However, no group is free from the risk of lead exposure. To better serve clients in community, medical, and legal environments, an introduction to lead exposure terminology and history will help interpreters provide superior services. In this webinar, we will decode lead language found in medical and legal interpreting, while also looking at terminology that appears in housing applications as it pertains to this environmental exposure. First, participants will develop a foundational glossary for interpreters of all language pairs based on mind mapping methodology. Terminology will be pulled from working documents such as housing applications, medical education handouts, and court records, which will be provided before the webinar. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to this glossary as we examine the documents. Additionally, we will discuss lead exposure resources and effective ways to advocate for Limited English Proficient clients residing in housing with the potential for lead exposure.

Presented by: Bryce Dorff

Bryce Dorff earned a B.A. in Environmental Science and a Certificate of Spanish Language and Culture from Drake University in 2017. Focusing on the social determinants of health in racially and ethnically diverse populations, he returned to higher education to earn a Community Interpreting Certificate at Viterbo University in December 2019. Bryce currently works as the Clinic Manager of St. Clare Health Mission, a free health clinic in Southwestern Wisconsin, advocating for the underserved and interpreting for LEP clients.


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