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MATI 2020 Webinar Series - Translation Proofreading: The Importance of an Accurate Revision

  • 04/16/2020
  • 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM


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Once the translation is finished, there is another important step: the proofreading. This step is unavoidable, whether it is our own translation or that of a colleague. Proofreading is an art, and it has to be practiced.

There are different levels in the proofreading of a text. Grammar is to be considered at a first level. The consecutio temporum, the use of gerund, concordance, prepositions, the sentence structure, all these aspects have to be revised after the translation. The second level refers to Orthotypography, the visual aspect of the text. Punctuation marks, the use of capital letters, acronyms, the paragraph structure, and other features will be taken into account in this level. A third revision will lead us to check Coherence and Cohesion to sound natural and fluid. The use of pronouns, deictic elements, repetitions, conjunctions, are necessary to contribute to the coherence of a text. Fourth level deals with the use of proper words: sociolinguistics is a discipline that translators sometimes do not take into account; and how important it is to adequate our words to the specific situation!

Translators need to rethink the final work after translating. This webinar will illustrate with different real examples and theory will appear with the practice applying the academic rules governing the orthographic, morpho-syntactic and lexico-semantic conventions.

*This webinar will be lectured in Spanish with some references to English.*

Presenter: María Ester Capurro

María Ester Capurro is a Sworn English-Spanish Translator by the Argentine Catholic University, and International Spanish Proofreader by Fundación Litterae. She has over three decades of experience translating for many domestic and international companies and government institutions. She trains professionals on proofreading translations into Spanish at the Association of Sworn Translators of the City of Buenos Aires and is professor of Spanish Language at the University. She is a frequent speaker in domestic and international conferences. Apart from her work as translator, she works as editor and proofreader for many publishing houses and collaborates in some language researches.


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