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MATI 2019 Webinar Series - Tincho’s Top Ten Trados Studio Tips and Tricks

  • 04/12/2019
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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Tincho’s Top Ten Trados Studio Tips and Tricks

These last years, automated translation tools have become a key element in the computer and the resume of professional translators. Each platform has its own ways but, in general, they all work quite similarly. Getting used to this enhanced way of processing information can take some time but, as we get more used to the mechanics, our work is notably enhanced. In this presentation, we’ll explore ten very practical and useful tricks of the SDL Trados Studio platform. Some of them may be more essential, but others may turn out to be more surprising or specialized. We could undoubtedly say that they will help us streamline our assisted translation and revision processes. This presentation is targeted at both new and more experienced colleagues who are familiar with assisted translation environments, in particular, with the Trados Studio platform. This is not an introductory course, but a collection of tips and tricks that will help users work with the program more efficiently.

Martín Chamorro graduated as an English-Spanish Technical, Scientific and Literary Translator (ENSLV “Spangenberg”, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2009) and started working with translations some time before completing his course of studies. As a translator, he has worked both independently and in a variety of teams, and has resorted to a wide range of assisted and automated translation solutions. He has been training colleagues in translation software since 2012 and he is always looking for ways of optimizing his technology resources. Since then, he has trained about 250 translators and reviewers of several languages, both in person and over the internet, in the use of CAT tools. More recently, he has started doing presentations with guidance material, addressed at new professionals. You could say he is a fan of Trados Studio. Apart from that, he complements the base of his work giving lectures and courses, and as a voluntary member of the Argentine Association of Translators and Interpreters (AATI), co-organizing lectures and conferences on translation and interpreting. Not long ago, he also became a founding member of AATI’s Committee of Technology Applied to Translation. He is also a passionate learner of several languages (teaching himself Portuguese, German, Hebrew, Arabic and French), and an amateur gardener and cook. Since 2015, he is also a swimming instructor.


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