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MATI 2019 Webinar Series - Unveiling PDF Proofs

  • 03/07/2019
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM


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Unveiling PDF Proofs


Translators are sometimes asked to edit and/or proof translated documents in a PDF format for a variety of reasons: Perhaps the final software is proprietary to the end client, or maybe the translation is intended for Adobe InDesign but the translator doesn’t have that software, or even, the translation wasn’t actually completed by the client asking for the proof. Whatever its origin, the task appears pretty simple at first glance: Improve the translation provided.

However, it quickly becomes clear that it’s actually much more complicated than just that. Among others, the largest hurdle to overcome is that most often, we can never know who will be implementing the changes we indicate, nor can we know what their language ability (or even, non-ability) is. We can hope it will be someone skilled in (multi-lingual?) DTP services, but we may never know for sure. So, in reality, our task is: Improve the translation provided -- using a fool-proof method that ensures our changes are carried out precisely as intended. But, how do we go about doing that exactly?

As a translator and DTP specialist myself, I’ll pull back the veil surrounding what happens next after a translation has been completed up to the creation of the final printable product. In doing so, I’ll provide an in-depth overview of the proofing tools in Adobe Reader (one of the most common and free tools available) while explaining and demonstrating a number of tips and tricks as well as best practices I’ve seen and used. I will also open up discussion for attendees to ask additional questions about the process and the available tools.


Allison Bryant is a German and Japanese into English translator specializing in science, technology, and medicine. She holds an M.A. in Translation Studies in German from Kent State University and has received advanced training in desktop publishing for multiple software and print formats. As the owner-operator of Tamlyn Translations, LLC., she frequently consults with clients for pre- and post-production matters, such as source document re-creation, terminology/translation memory management, DTP, etc., in addition to also providing traditional freelance translation services.


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