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MATI 2016 Webinar Series: Proofreading our Translations and Spanish US-isms

  • 02/19/2016
  • 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM
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Proofreading our Translations and Spanish US-isms

The key aspect of this webinar is to become aware of the importance of proofreading thoughtfully our translation and be prepared to back up our choices. A tight focus on the rules governing the appropriate use of English and Spanish as well as to take most into account the text type involved will definitely help translators back up their lexical, syntax, orthographic, and/or morphological options. For this purpose, it is imperative to use authoritative sources such as the latest issues of dictionaries, grammar books, scholar papers, and last, but not least, manuals of style. Translation transference takes place at different levels: phonological, semantic, lexical, phraseological, and pragmatic. Therefore, I will illustrate with examples some of these interferences or transference such as the use of the gerund, capital and small letters, special cases of verb-subject agreement, and abbreviations. Regarding lexical borrowing, the most common types of transference between languages are importation, loanblends or hybrids, substitution or loan translation.  Finally, we will deal with some Spanish US-isms, which are becoming a paramount concern when translating for the USA, with a non-stop increasing Spanish community.



Alejandra Patricia Karamanian is a Certified Sworn Translator (UCA) and Proofreader and Copy Editor of the Spanish Language (Litterae / Fundéu). She works as an independent translator, proofreader and instructor in legal, business and social sciences fields. She is doing a master degree in Teaching Spanish for Foreigners (USAL). Languages: Spanish, English, French. Professional credentials: Association of Sworn Translators (CTPCBA), Association of Translators and Interpreters (AATI). Academic Credentials: Academic contributor of the North American Academy of the Spanish Language (ANLE, USA). Courses on Translation Matters: AATI, New York University. Spanish for Foreigners: on a virtual platform. Lexicography: member of the lexicography team under the supervision of the Vice-President of the Argentine Academy of Letters. Conferences: speaker at national and international conferences. US Spanish: As part of her research project on US Spanish, she made interviews at the Washington Post, Department of Hispanic Studies of the Library of Congress, Washington DC; and the Observatory of the Spanish Language and Culture, Harvard University, Cambridge (2015).


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