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Social Media Tips & Tricks from MATI Conference Keynote

03/09/2018 10:03 PM | Thais Passos Fonseca

Social Media Tips & Tricks from MATI Conference Keynote

By Kristy Brown Lust, MATI Director

How does the general public know what you do? MATI Conference keynote speaker Sabrina Madison posed this question to the audience during the 2017 event and encouraged attendees to harness social media’s power to raise awareness of their work and expand their reach. She said this tool is an excellent method for educating potential clients and the general public about the important contributions translators and interpreters make.


If you attended, what tips from the conference have you implemented? What new things can you try in 2018? This article summarizes some of Ms. Madison’s key points. See which things you might want to work into your 2018 plans.


Why Should I Use Social Media Professionally?

  • Share regular content to show up in more search results
  • Use a consistent hashtag when sharing content to create community
  • Show people you’re an expert in your areas of specialization
  • Educate potential clients and general public about importance of translation and interpretatio


What Makes a Great Professional Profile?

  • Simple mantra: one-sentence description of who you are
  • Good profile photo: with just you in the photo
  • Consistent across all platforms: use same name/handle on all sites and use the same or very similar photo


What Tools Can I Use?

  • Aviary: free photo editor app
  • #womenintech, Pixaby and CreateHER Stock: stock photo websites
  • Word Swag: app for adding quotes to photos
  • Google Alerts: sign up for news on industries you work in

Tell us how you’re using social media or give us your best social media tips for business and we’ll share your post with our followers. Just tag @MidwestMATI on Facebook or Twitter.


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