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IUPUI Offers Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies

11/10/2015 9:15 PM | Meghan Konkol (Administrator)

IUPUI Offers Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies

By Enrica J. Ardemagni, Ph.D.

In the fall of 2016 Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI) will begin a Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies in French, German and Spanish. The Graduate Certificate in Translation Studies builds on a set of successfully implemented undergraduate translation courses by a cadre of faculty experts in the field in a context of increased demand for higher credentialed professionals and academic specialists. 

Globalization of business, law and trade relations and the changing US demographics have increased demand for translation skills in many fields, especially: educational, medical, legal and technical. The current demand for skilled translators far outweighs the supply available.   


Consistent with the recommendations of the national academic and professional organizations, the graduate certificate program will ensure that all graduates have gained the knowledge, competence, critical thinking and linguistic skills to:

• Integrate the theory into the practice of translation

• Command the lexical precision, the detailed understanding of contexts or terminologies, and a nuanced sense of the purpose of language and its multiple audiences

• Understand the complexity of ethical decisions that they will have to make in their professional practice

• Discuss professionally their choices before future clients or employers

The certificate is a total of 18 credit-hours, or a total of six courses, distributed among two core courses in the history and theory of translation, and the application of computer-assisted translation technologies, followed by two language-specific translation courses in Spanish, French or German, a linguistics course and a final internship or individual project. Additional offerings include four courses on Medical and Legal Interpreting. Courses are offered on a strategic rotation schedule.

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