Beginner Linguists Find Useful Resources at UW-Madison Language Institute

11/23/2016 5:06 PM | Thais Passos Fonseca

Beginner Linguists Find Useful Resources at UW-Madison Language Institute

By Thaís Passos, MATI Director


For those getting started or considering a career in translation or interpreting, the Language Institute ( and the College of Letters and Science of the University of Wisconsin-Madison can be a great resource. This fall, the Language Institute hosted a workshop series to help people learn how to gain experience, build expertise, and find work in these fields.


The series of three workshops, called “Use Your Words: Careers in Translation and Interpreting”, was presented by UW-Madison alumni working as translators or interpreters. The first workshop, presented by MATI board member Amanda Bickel, focused on freelance translation. The second, led by Anne Plesh, manager of interpreter services for the Wisconsin region of SSM Health and Laura Puls, a medical interpreter at SSM Heath, addressed medical interpreting. Lynn Leazer, who has been working as a court interpreter for nearly 15 years, led a third workshop on legal interpreting.


Another event fostering students’ exploration of their future language careers was the “International Career Connections: Alumni Mentoring”. On November 17, UW-Madison alumni with international experiences talked about their careers to inspire students planning their own. By networking with alumni in a broad range of career areas, students learned about their paths and glean advice for their own next steps. For more information, visit: