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The following webinars were recorded at a prior date, and the recordings are available to view at any time.

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 Click on the title below for more information about each webinar and to "register" for it as an event. Upon payment you will receive a link to access the recording of that webinar through GoToWebinar.

**Please be advised that MATI does NOT award CEUs or Certificates of Attendance for accessing webinar recordings.** 

MATI Webinar Series 2020

January 2020 - ARCHIVE - Technology Basics for Those Who Have Always Been Curious by Joseph Wojowski

MATI Webinar Series 2018

March 2018 - ARCHIVE - Transitioning from Translator to Interpreter: Everything You Need to Know about Healthcare Interpreting" by Paula Penovi

MATI Webinar Series 2017

February 2017 - ARCHIVE - MATI 2017 Webinar Series - Getting (and Staying!) on your PMs’ Favorites List by Meghan McCallum

March 2017 - ARCHVIED - MATI 2017 Webinar Series - Bilingual Patient Navigation: The Next Step in Language Access by Cynthia Roat

April 2017 - ARCHVIED - MATI 2017 Webinar Series - Resources to avoid syntax transference from English to Spanish by Alejandra Karamanian

June 2017 - ARCHIVED - MATI 2017 Webinar Series - Interpreting Culture: The cultural work of professional medical interpreters by Dr. Izabel Souza

October 2017 - ARCHIVED - MATI 2017 Webinar Series - Specialization. The context unknown for translators in technical translations. Case study in the mining industry by Nora Fiorini

November 2017 - ARCHIVED - MATI 2017 Webinar Series - Formatting in Microsoft Word and Securing your CV byJoseph Wojowski

December 2017 - ARCHIVED - MATI 2017 Webinar Series - Video Game Localization: Taking it into the next level! by Marina Ilari

Jumpstart for 2017 - FCICE Exam Prep
$25 MATI members / $30 non-MATI members

September 2016 - Jumpstart for 2017 - Series 2 - Session 1: Vocabulary Building by Ernest Niño-Murcia

MATI Webinar Series 2016

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