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The 2020 Call for Nominations is now closed.

Nominations were accepted for the offices of:

  • President
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary**
  • (2) Board Members 


All positions serve a two-year term of office on the board. Below please find a description of the duties for each of these positions, according to the MATI bylaws. The terms of office for the Board officers/members elected in the 2020 elections will run from our Annual General Membership Meeting in June of this year until approximately June 2022.

*Please note that this term for Secretary will be for one year, to complete the term that was vacated early by MATI's previous Secretary. Its next regular two-year term will then start again in 2021.

How to Nominate

All candidates must specify the position for which they are running and submit a short biographical statement indicating why they are running for that position. Candidates may be nominated or self-nominate.

Announcement of Elected Members. Announcement of the elected board members will be made in time for the new board members to observe the Annual Membership Meeting held this summer.

Annual Business Meeting. Those who have been elected to a position on the MATI board will be expected to attend the Annual Business Meeting in Chicago, Illinois on June 27, 2020 when installation of board members will take place. The Annual Business Meeting is followed immediately by a yearly Board Retreat.

Description of Positions


The President chairs the meetings of the Board of Directors and the Executive Committee, and shall represent MATI at regional, national and international events where possible. The President shall be an ex-officio member of all committees except the nominating committee.The President is responsible for supervising the general affairs of MATI and may delegate functions as approved by the Board of Directors. The President shall execute on behalf of MATI all documents, obligations, contracts, or other instruments which the Board of Directors have authorized to be executed, except in cases where the signing and execution thereof shall be expressly delegated by the Board of Directors, or by MATI Bylaws, or by statute to some other officer or agent of MATI. The President shall have the right with the Treasurer to sign checks and other documents that pertain to the use of MATI funds. The President shall be responsible for writing the Annual Activities Report and disseminating it to MATI members through electronic correspondence, surface mail, or MATI publications. The President shall also present the Annual Activities Report, as well as a Financial Statement, to the ATA Board.


The Treasurer shall receive and collect all MATI monies and give official receipts, keep records of all money transactions, and deposit all funds in a bank as designated by the Board of Directors. The Treasurer shall have the right with the President to sign checks and other withdrawal documents that pertain to the use of MATI funds. The Treasurer shall be responsible for writing an Annual Financial Report that will be disseminated to the members of the Association through electronic correspondence, surface mail, or Association publications. The Treasurer shall be responsible for filing the annual tax forms with the Department of State in Illinois where the MATI Articles of Incorporation are filed.

Secretary - The Secretary shall be responsible for recording the minutes of the meetings of the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors, and any additional general meetings, for disseminating the minutes and keeping all records pertaining to all meetings, regular and emergency, and shall be in charge of correspondence and announcements of MATI meetings. The Secretary shall keep all documents in electronic format, when possible, and pass access to records to incoming secretaries and the Executive Committee. Upon relinquishing the position of Secretary, all documents shall be transferred to the newly elected Secretary.

Director (Board Member)

The Board of Directors is the highest authority of MATI and shall have the power to manage its property and govern its affairs on behalf of all of its members and in accordance with the objectives of MATI. The Board of Directors is responsible for determining policies and proposing changes to the Bylaws of the Association.

MATI Board Duties

The MATI Board has the following duties:

  • The Board shall review the work of the officers of MATI, and of all (other) committee chairs.
  • The Board shall set the membership dues each year.
  • The Board shall meet at least six times each year.

In addition to the duties described above, each director is encouraged to serve on at least of the following committees: Programming, Membership, and Communications.

2020 Nominating Committee

  • Susan Angove (Illinois)
  • Thais Passos (Wisconsin)
  • Eneyda Dubon (Indiana)
  • Maria Schwieter (Indiana)

Please email the committee with any questions. 

Submit a Nomination and Upcoming Deadlines 

The deadline for submission of candidate names was Friday, April 10 at 5:00 PMand ballots with a complete list of candidates will be sent to MATI members with voting instructions on or around Friday, April 17.

Please send nominations to the Nominating Committee by email using the link below no later than Friday, April 10, 2020 at 5:00 p.m. CDT.


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