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ARCHIVED - Jumpstart for 2017 - Series 2 - Session 1: Vocabulary Building

  • 09/27/2016
  • 7:00 PM
  • 12/31/2018
  • 8:00 PM
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Session 1: Vocabulary Building 

$25 for MATI Members, $35 for Non-members.  

This online session will kick off the series by laying out the keys to success on the exam (vocabulary, interpreting skills and exam strategy) before outlining a 9 month study plan to strengthen these areas effectively over time. The primary focus of this first session will be establishing a strong foundation of vocabulary for the exam by first identifying the specific categories of general, legal and technical terms that may appear on the exam- and what sources to consult to build this vocabulary. Finally, participants will be introduced to a system for systematically compiling, sorting and reviewing a high volume of terms effectively over a long period time through MS Excel (no prior experience with this program is necessary).  Specific topics covered include: what information to include with each word, categories and subcategories for organizing words and techniques for ongoing review including the creation of personalized, thematic review materials. 

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